The Metodo Ongaro®

A comprehensive and integrated system for the empowerment of health and longevity


Our Method 

The Ongaro Method® offers a comprehensive and integrated system designed to help people improve their lifestyle and overall approach to health and longevity.

The peculiarity of our method is that it blends cutting edge practical knowledge in the field of medicine and psychology with a unique approach to coaching based on neurobiology. Thanks to this mix we focus in a very effective and efficient way on habit change and formation.

Our aim is use our 20 years experience on the field to bridge the gap between theory and practice and accelerate the transition towards a healthier and fitter society.

We do this working directly with consumers with specific courses and events, through our certified coaches and through training programs specifically designed  for health and wellness professionals.

To provide the right nourishment to the body.
To address micronutrient deficiencies.
To strengthen the body from every angle.
To fortify the mind and achieve inner harmony.

What People Truly Need.

By now, it seems everyone has all the information at their fingertips... except for how to change, how to improve themselves. Countless individuals persist in embracing habits and mindsets that are detrimental, diminishing their chances of leading a long and fulfilling life.

Traditional advice, which relies on suggestions and prescriptions, falls short from a neuroscience perspective to induce a positive and long lasting change

Research points us toward more effective and efficient paths that focus on habit change based on neurobiological knowledge.

Our method has precisely this aim: to help people improve their lifestyle intervening on personal habits. 


An integrated System of Scientific Knowledge.

Medical and psychological knowledge and coaching are usually used separately but are all fundamental instruments in the development of a plan to improve health and longevity. 

Our method merges these disciplines to give birth to effective improvement strategies that people can adopt without having to rely on unrealistic motivation or discipline. 

La soluzione

What You'll Gain by Partnering with Us.

You will achieve tangible results that will amaze you across various aspects of your life. Your habits and daily routines will improve, thereby enhancing your life overall. You will nurture and strengthen your weaker areas, fortifying both your body and mind. In essence, you will have the ability to elevate your life to a new level.

In us, you'll find unwavering support to cultivate better health, build stronger relationships, and achieve a more fulfilling personal realization.

You will join a vast community of like-minded individuals, all on a quest for personal growth and a more mindful, intentional life.

You will have access to countless tangible and practical tools, honed from decades of research and experience, to support you through times of challenge and change, leaving you feeling stronger and more confident in yourself.

Metodo Ongaro® Comunity